How to Use CBD For Dogs in Your Pets’ Treatment Process

It seems that every dog owner wants to know if best cbd oil for dogs is worth a try. After all, CBD has been shown to effectively reduce some of the symptoms associated with inflammation, arthritis, and joint problems like joint pain and stiffness. Since CBD is a natural compound, there is no risk of serious side effects or other health risks. So, is it worth a shot?

To answer that question, you first need to understand what it is and how it works. Since CBD shares similar metabolic pathways with most anti-inflammatories, it logically follows that it’d help with some inflammation-related conditions (any inflammation that ends in -itis is a non-inflammatory condition). One in ten dogs will be diagnosed with canine arthritis within their lifetime, and some estimates indicate that up to 60% of all dogs display some level of the disease throughout their lifetimes. Obviously, not all arthritis issues are treatable with drugs, so holistic options should always be explored before prescription drugs are given. This is where CBD for dogs can make a real difference in reducing the symptoms of these disorders.

In addition to helping dogs with inflammation and arthritis, CBD is also effective at easing the symptoms of other inflammatory and arthritic conditions such as: flea infestations, digestive disorders, ear infections, allergies, urinary tract infections, epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and more. What makes CBD even more powerful than other anti-fungal herbs is that it doesn’t produce side effects in most people or pets. Many plants used in the making of CBD for dogs and other products are grown using environmentally friendly growing methods, which makes the plants safer to eat and far less harmful to the environment. The plant extract is considered completely safe for humans and animals, so long as dosages are administered correctly and in the appropriate amounts. As a result, many people find it highly beneficial as a natural alternative to prescription medications.

Because CBD for dogs has the added benefit of being a natural, non-toxic substance, it’s often used in conjunction with other veterinary treatments. For instance, when it comes to combating epilepsy, seizures and the resulting complications, some experts recommend giving your pet a daily dose of Vitamin D, Zinc or Aloe Vera. These vitamins help to curb seizures and any other symptoms they may experience as a result. Similarly, CBD for dogs can be used in conjunction with daily doses of Vitamin C and E to treat skin lesions and infection, which can make the healing process smoother and potentially alleviate the need for more invasive treatments such as surgery.

Naturally, dogs experiencing extreme forms of anxiety, depression, fear or stress can be given additional treatment with CBD for dogs. Clinical studies show that these extra doses of the substance can effectively control the symptoms and reduce behavioral problems and overall anxiety over time. Unfortunately, there are also a number of side effects from giving your pet CBD for dogs, including an increased risk of panic attacks and depression. Therefore, your veterinarian will likely recommend an antidepressant or anti-anxiety medication to accompany the treatment to combat these negative side effects.

Finally, some people find that using CBD for dogs can ease the pain of arthritis. In particular, older, osteoarthritis-afflicted dogs may benefit from the anti-inflammation properties of this plant. Some of the available products containing cbd include Barking Dog Health, Pain Relief for Pets and Pain Relief for Arthritis products. It’s important to keep in mind that not all products containing cbd are effective, so consulting your vet is critical to ensure you administer the product in the safest possible manner.