Make Kids Enjoy the Summer With Your Favorite iPhone Apps

One of the best things about the iPhone is that you can play your favourite games for kids. Whether you are an old school yourself or not, but have always cherished a love for playing games for kids, the iPhone can bring all your favourite childhood memories to life. From brain teaser and word search puzzles to photo montage games, there are hundreds of fun options. Now you can enjoy them with your kids too without having to worry about any kind of guilt, because you won’t be spending any money!

Some of your favourite games for kids revolve around eye coordination. One such game is called ‘Relay Race’. In this game, two kids stand in a circle and each kid wears a band with an invisible beam through it. The first one who crosses the invisible beam to the other kids’ side wins. You can also change the colour of the beams so that they are visible to the kids and you have the freedom to move to any side without upsetting your child.

If you want to keep up with the latest craze in the world of kids entertainment, then the iPhone’s application called ‘My Little Angel’ is the answer. It allows you to create an image of your child with its facial features superimposed over another image. Then you can crop the image according to your taste and add various effects like blurring of the background and transparency. This will create a wonderful animation of your little angel. One of the best and most popular photo montages for kids are the ones where you have your kids looking at a selection of their favourite images taken by themselves or you have them looking at a selection of photos on your iPhone’s monitor while you take a shot of them.

The iPhone application ‘Geofencing’ lets you enhance the social skills activities that you perform with your kids by giving you a variety of fun options. You can play a game that requires your kid to stand next to a camera and click as many images as he can within a certain time limit. Another option is to allow your kid to choose his favourite image from among those presented on the screen and have it automatically enlarged and reduced to make him a part of the image. There are endless possibilities of social skills activities you can perform using the iPhone and this makes it the perfect tool for enhancing your kids’ social and communication skills.

We all know that iPhones have a large storage capacity that lets us store lots of great memories, but it also gives us the flexibility to create much more. With the application ‘My Memories’, you can turn taking turns into a competition. This is a social skills game where you let your kids take turns making pictures. As they click pictures, they share them with their friends who in turn can share them with their friends. Visit situs judi slot online terlengkap to understand what chances you have.

If you want to give your kids an exciting playground experience, try the amazing iPhone app ‘Tecmo Super Star Frenzy’. This is a simple and fun activity that improves your child’s hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and reaction times. It uses the entire body movements to complete the moves required. The fun graphics and the cool sounds help your child to stay focused and enjoy the whole game. Even your little girl will love this one as it teaches hand-eye co-ordination as well as fine motor skills. So make kids enjoy the summer by downloading your favourite iPhone apps and see how much they improve their learning and growth.