Weight Lifting Equipment – What Types of Home Weight Lifting Machines Are Right For You?

The squat bar is an essential piece of home or heavy gym weight lifting equipment to have in your home gym. The squat bar is used for multiple exercises, but is most valuable for single-leg squats. Because the squat bar can be used with either your hands, or with a device called a leg press machine, it is also useful for people who don’t have access to dumbbells or barbells for weight training. Because of this, squats are among the most popular exercises to perform at home.

The dumbbell is the other main piece of home gym or heavy fitness equipment. The dumbbell is used for a variety of exercises, most commonly for bench pressing, but can also be used for shoulder and triceps extensions and other weight lifting exercises. The dumbbell can be used for both free weights as well as weighted clothing. However, because dumbbells are much heavier than barbells, they take longer to move. A good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t start a new exercise until you are using a standard weight bench with a quarter to half pound weight ( seventy-five to one hundred eighty-five grams) of weight.

Another piece of home gym or heavy fitness equipment that you should have is the cable pulley system. Home gym owners often use these systems to add resistance when doing exercises like the squat and dead lift. Cable pulley systems work by having a system of cables (or chains) that are connected to handle the weight of the user. Because the user is attached to the pulley system by a set of springs, movement is smooth and easy and the user can get a good workout without the risk of causing damage to themselves, their equipment, or their neighbors.

A good set of weighted shoes or boots is another important piece of weight lifting machinery you should own. Weight lifting shoes or boots will protect your feet if you have bad knees or ankles or just generally don’t feel very good in them. Weight lifting shoes or boots also help support your legs if you have back problems, because they will keep the weight of your body on the heel, which will keep the lower spine aligned. I really recommend a pair of weight lifting shoes or boots for each member of your household, and get several of them so that one pair can replace any number of shoes or boots that have been purchased over the years. I also make sure each pair of shoes or boots I buy is durable and long lasting.

Another piece of Barbell Weight lifting machines that you should invest in is the dumbbell. Like cable pulley systems, dumbbells allow the user to perform free weight lifts with increased ease and effectiveness. You can purchase dumbbell sets that include up to eight dumbbells, and these sets tend to be the best investments in home weight lifting machines. The sets include a bench, a pair of handles (that are adjustable to allow you to add more dumbbells as needed), a pulley system that connects to the dumbbells, and a chalkboard to display your weights.

If you’re serious about your weight lifting machines – start by doing a couple sets using cheap dumbbells in your home gym. As you progress, you can add more weight to your dumbbells and even use them for exercises such as chin ups. Before you buy any kind of weight lifting machines, make sure that they will provide you with enough space to organize your gym so that you can do your workouts and not have a mess all over your home gym. I like to have my dumbbells organized by weight type and/or exercise. I have mine sitting in my bed upstairs and rarely use them since that is rarely used.